Class 105 Group D [Elijah's group]

The collaboration...
The group feels that it was pretty good and rated the team work 3 and a half with 2 being average and 5 being max we thought that we were on task as everyone was doing their job like mohit helped to take pictures as shown [Pics will be uploaded later]and Elijah the project manager helped to organize the group  and so we finished doing up the bridge and packing with 30 minutes to spare.

What worked well... 
As mentioned earlier the teamwork was good and our time management was good and so we did it quick our design was also one of the cleanest as in there was not too many lose pieces and it was mostly one big piece which helped it to be stronger and have less weak points we tested the strength of the bridge and found it to be quite strong we used a full nike water bottle (the squrty one) as the load. 

What could have worked better...
We could have worked a bit more on the design so it looks a little nicer.   
We could have tried to use our materials more sparingly so that we could have more to design.

What we would do differently in the future...
We would try to spread out the work load a bit better cause Elijah and I worked a little    O.T.

Group Members...
Elijah : project leader
Wu Sheng : project writer
Mohit : architect
Matthew : Lead engineer
Zhi Xiong : engineer
Jonathan : engineer

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