Group reflection 4 January 2010

1.Collaboration is not bad, but we might want each person in the team to get a chance to speakand elaborate
about their ideas and design of the bridge.
2.We had many ideas but after lots of discussion we managed to make the final decision which everyone was happy about (Although Amrit was not looking very satisfied) .It was all possible because we listened to everyones idea before deciding on the final idea.
3.The group thinks the decoration we used could have been better in quality. The excessive amount of tape may have made the towers a bit too rugged. 
4.We managed to finish the bridge way before the deadline and we even managed to use the excess board material to make a cargo ship ( Unfortunately it s not included in the picture:(  ) to better simulate the scenario. 

Group members:
Mr Tan (Tan Zhi Yong)Group leader
Kun Yao                     Engineer
Aiysha                       Engineer
Armit Singh                Architect
Adam Tan                  Note Taker

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