Homework for 29/3/2010 and 30/3/2010

IPW: To finish up the group literature review on the google doc
Maths: The maths blog and the worksheet
English: Read the orangutan article on: http://redapes.org/orangutans
Homework for the day :

Maths : Reflection on the Maths blog and Maths target setting worksheet.

IPW : Search for and evaluate the reliability of articles about WW2 in Singapore on the internet.
(Due by next lesson)

What are the Cs that you have?

State your name and the Cs.

List your definitions for the 10 Cs

Here are the 10 cs. How do you define them?

a. Creativity 
b.Critical Thinking 
c. Commitment 
d. Courage 
e. Confidence
f.Collaborative Skills 
g. Communication 
h.Intellectual Curiosity
i.Citizenship and Ethics
j.Cross-cultural understanding


Please note that Kun Yao's table will be moved next to Vivek's table.

LEAP Geography Trail : Post-Survey

We hope that you have a wonderful and enriching moment in Sentosa. Pls goto http://tinyurl.com/surveyMlearning and complete this Post-Survey of the LEAP Geography Trail. Remember to to click on "Submit" after completing. 

Thank you.

SST Integrated Humanities Department

Dear all,

For tomorrow lunch will be provided for our class. During the orientation camp whatever food preferences you had chosen will be provided.
Your sincerely,


Hi class, please take note:

1) Assembly has been shifted to before lunch on Thursday.


Hi class, please take note:

1) Assembly has been shifted to before lunch on Thursday

What to bring and wear during LEAPS?

Hello gung-ho people of 105

Please read carefully before you pack for the  day:

What to bring?
What to wear?
Bring handphone, writing materials
Full uniform
Bring Mac, writing materials, cap, umbrella, water bottle, writing materials, some cash for drinks
PE attire
No sandals or slippers

Bring writing materials and calculator

Bring Mac and writing materials
Full uniform

Learning Journey


English: Identifying adverbs
Hindi:Refer to coursebook language actvity book and usage book
maths: refer to maths blog
Science: worksheet
History:source quiz,inferences,test on term 2 week 2 ,stay back on term 2 week 1
ADMT:finish document
S&W:assment on friday

Hiiiiieeeeee :D Abigail here :D
Just helping to post the homework here and on our facebook page for today :D

Maths - Due next monday if im not wrong
TB Ex 3.1, Qn 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15
TB Ex 3.2, Qn 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10
TB Ex 3.3 Qn 1g, h, i, j, 3, 4, 5, 8

Filing of Chemistry worksheets in our science file
Please remember that our science file is PINK

There is also the Mrs Prachett thingy which is done in our groups of three.
If im not wrong its due tmr :D

I&E mindmap - remember to include th points about the sources of innovation
of the 3 groups that have presented :D

Maths Bus Schedule - Group :D

ADMT - Bad designs and the environment project :D

If i have left out certain homework ; please tell me by commenting on this post :D
Thank Yous :D Abigail ; XOXO :D

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Home Work

The homework for the class will be posted on the class blog.

Abigail has kindly helped us to update the blog.

Home work coordinator: Amrit and Akansh
For Malay homework: Aisyah
For Hindi homework: Akansh

Sports and Wellness Committee


95% gold for NAPFA
To win the inter-class competitions

Roles and Responsibility:

Lead the class to contribute in Sports and Wellness
Ensure that everyone plays a part in Sports and Wellness
Ensure everyone keep fit and healthy

Events/Activities Coming up:

30th April- Track and Field Events
May- SST Inter-House Carnival 1
August- SST YOG sports
November- SST Inter-House Carnival 2

Please input comments and such that has got things to do with Sports and Wellness.

Catherine Lim, Daniel Chan, Foo ZhiXiang, Kieren Chua, Samuel Ong.

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