Dear 105 

Just 2 days to Common Test. Have no fear, just do your very best. Concentrate on your revision and try to minimize your time on facebooking, msning, twittering and... g_ _ _ _ _.  

On Monday, please remember to check your tenses and spelling. Do have proper paragraphing for the essay. Read the passage and questions for comprehension carefully.  

Rest well and study hard for all subjects.

Best wishes
Ms Lim


Anonymous said...


Aisyah said...

Thanks, Ms Lim! :D

Btw what is g_ _ _ _ _?

Anonymous said...

y the font so weird de

Anonymous said...

Thanks =)
@Aisyah g_ _ _ _ _ = gaming

Catherine Lim =)

Aisyah said...

Thanxxxxxxxxxxx, Catherine :D

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