Homework for 18/5/10

English: Poems worksheet and acrostic poem (For those who have not completed it) Journal(for no. 2, 4, 6, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,19,21) and compo corrections for everyone except no.1, 5, 20, 18, 10
Maths: Worksheet ( Due Tomorrow), recipe poster (Due Weekend)
Geography: Worksheet 8 to be completed


Anonymous said...

which worksheet issit?

Anonymous said...

Errmmm... Does anyone know if I have to do corrections??? Cause i got 24/30.... And Reg 20 also got 24/30 I think.... So do i have to do???

Kenneth ( the Real one)

Anonymous said...

Kenneth, the essay you need to type it out. Correction you can print out the typed out copy of write all the sentence again.

Catherine Lim =)

Anonymous said...

@Kenneth, yes, those who got 24 to 26 are supposed to type out their essay with the corrections and e-mail it to Ms Lim a.s.a.p.

:D Aisyah

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