Homework for 28 July

Hi five,

Here is today's homework:

1) Complete and print out the four IPW Sheets by tomorrow.
2) Finish ADMT product designs by next lesson.
3) Finish English document by next lesson.
4) Complete the math equation movie and send it to Mr Johari at <nurjohari@gmail.com>.
5) Find Geography 'two is enough' policy poster and insert into journal.
6) Type down the pros and cons of the child policies in the journal.

Malay Homework

1) Finish the ulasan buku by 31 July and send it to cikgu at <cikgu.azizah@gmail.com>.
2) Performance task:
I have sent cikgu the script and still waiting for her reply. We have to meet her during lunch tomorrow to discuss it. 

Have a good night...


Aisyah said...

Ok... I have cikgu's reply...

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