Homework for1/7/10

I&E: Complete poster and hand it in tomorrow. If not, stay back and complete it from 12.30-14.00.

Chinese: Holiday homework ( for those who have not handed it up) Due tomorrow.


Kenneth Teh :D said...

Amrit, You left out the Chinese Compo Corrections, for those who havent finished, And I&E Bazaar thing :)

Aisyah said...

Students in the Malay Class, today is the last day for you to post your input on the Wallwisher page in the Malay Blog. Also remember, tomorrow, we are going for the Dikir Barat Class from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

Aisyah said...

Malay Homework for 2 July:

Journal to be handed up on Tuesday.
Practise the Dikir Barat song, 'Bakti Ibu'. Another practise on 9 July. Cikgu has already posted the song and the lyrics on the Malay Bog.

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