Home Joy for 9/7/10

Maths: Worksheet ( the A3 sized one)

Chinese: Read piece of paper.

IPW: Identify main points of the interview and summarize it.

ADMT: Complete sketchup of portable work desk and mindmap on the elderly problem.

History: Find out why the person you were given came to Singapore and the contributions he of she made to society. Analyze how significant the contributions were.

Geography: Touch up holiday homework. Be sure to include paragraphing, elaboration and examples. Due by the next lesson

Science: Complete worksheet on speed.


Aisyah said...

Malay Students, remember to check the Malay Blog over the weekend for Cikgu's post about the NUR Show we went to today. Answer the questions and post it in the comments section of the post. Next, on Monday, we have another Dikir Barat Rehearsal at 3.30 sharp. It will only be for about 5 mins, so you can go for your CCA's after that. More details from Cikgu during class. Next, pass me your journal on Monday before assembly. Mirza, if you have Mirza's phone number, please call him and ask him to remind the other 1-06 Malay pupils, as they might have S&W that day. If you can't find me on Monday, look backstage. =) That's it for today and, let me remind you again, if you do not do the homework, you would have to do the denda.

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