Poem for 12 July

Today is a day I would never forget
It's the day I can meet all my friends
Today is a Monday, though pretty flat
And some of us got some loose ends

We reviewed our holiday homework again
During Geography, taught by Mr Koh'
I'd hoped we'd learn the contours of Spain
But a tiny voice said, "I don't think so..."

We continued Algebra for Math today
While chattering and laughing with Mr Johari
I heard 'x' and 'y' and 'z' and 'a'
And all the while I was rubbing my sore knee

For Malay class which some of you don't know
We had quite a fun time with Mdm Azizah
Learning about sentences 'till our talk could flow
Don't forget your homework, ah!!!

The last two periods, ADV and CE
Not the most fun I'd encountered
We blundered our way through report books and NE
And talked about the subjects we'd flouted

All in all, not a very bad day
Yet not a very good one to
So much work to do, no time for play
Not even surprised when my sister shouts "BOO!!!"

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