Assessment Rubric

Hi S105,

Please refer to the assessment rubric, especially on the description for Locomotor Skills and Defending.
Really need you guys to show me these aspects in the game.


Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam

Updated Tournament Schedule


to: Everyone in S1-05


Court 1

Court 2


30 August

Chicken Rice Ball vs Dragon Knight

FlufflYYY vs Gummybear


30 August

Gummybear vs Hawkster

FlufflYYY vs Dragon Knight

Chicken Rice Ball

2 Sept

Chicken Rice Ball vs Gummybear

Hawkster vs FlufflYYY

Dragon Knight

2 Sept

Chicken Rice Ball vs FlufflYYY

Hawkster vs Dragon Knight


16 Sept

Chicken Rice Ball vs Hawkster

Dragon Knight vs Gummybear


16 Sept




Please follow this updated tournament schedule but do understand that there may be changes. Kindly come prepared with your cameras and pens!

Sincerely yours,

Mr Dennis Lam

Weekend Homework

Hi five,

Here is the homework for the weekend:

1) For those who haven't, download the 'Trouble at Sea' Passage from the Google Site and do the summary
2) For those who haven't, do the illustration/minmap/flowchart on the passage 'A Dream for Singapore'
3) For those who haven't, do the Majulah Singapura Video and put into the sumbit folder
4) For those who haven't, download Journal 10 from the Geography Google Site and do Activity 1
5) Do the hardcopy of your I&E Brochure and submit by next week, Thursday


1) Study for Math Test (next week, Thursday)
2) Study for History Test (Sorry, not so sure... But just study)
3) Study for Science Test (Term 4 Week 1)
4) Update your Science Sites

Here is the Malay Homework for the weekend:

1) Do the Journal Entry on YOG, submit to me next Monday

That's about it,

Homework for 26/8/10

English: Download the 'Trouble at Sea' (Summary) in the Summary folder.Submit this on foolscap paper on Friday 27th August during the English lesson.
Note* There is English Oral tmr.

Chinese: Do the 厨子得宝 and 父亲的希望 wkshts.

Maths: Complete Maths Worksheet 12a and 12b.
Note* There is a maths test on algebra nxt week.

Science: Complete Energy homework worksheet.

ADMT: For those who hv not presented, do up on your slides.

I&E: Do brochure by nxt week.(Individual)

S&W: Upload photos at S&W blog.

Take Note* :
For those who have not submit the Science Frontiers Experience And Speaking with Impact Workshop consent form, Please sign and submit it.

I think that is all about it. If there are any mistake here or if you want to add in the homework that I have not, please do comment.


I&E Performance Task: Brochure, Presentation & Products

Hi 105
Please refer to the I&E blog for requirements and deadlines.

Ms Choo

Must Read! S&W Assessment Rubric

Everyone please read and understand the rubric - click to enlarge image.

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam

Homework for 25 August

Hi five,

Here is today's homework:

1) Download and read Journal 10 for Geography
2) Update your Physics Google Site by Next Monday
3) For those who haven't, finish your English illustration/mindmap/flowchart on the 'A Dream for Singapore' passage
4) For those who haven't, finish your ICT Majulah Singapura video and submit a.s.a.p
5) For those who haven't presented your Elderly Challenge, touch up on your slides
6) Dragon Knight, upload your photos/videos on the class blog at <>
7) Do the 'Trouble at Sea' summary (downloaded from the Google Site) and hand up this Friday

1) Study for Math Test, most likely this Friday
2) For those taking Mother Tongue, do whatever you need to do for your Performance Tasks
3) We have to reach a consensus on the Teacher's Day Performance

Here is the Malay Homework:

1) Do your follow-up Karangan and hand in tomorrow
2) Mohit, send me the videos a.s.a.p; Mirza, I will send you the completed video a.s.a.p and you have to look it over, since you are our leader
3) If you haven't, post your comments on the Malay Wallwisher (Mohit, you haven't answered the 2nd question)

That's all folks! Good night!


I&E Individual and Group Performance Task

Hi 105,

For tomorrow's (26/8) I&E lesson, please come prepared with your prototype materials.
You will be required to provide the following drafts at the end of the lesson:
1] Individual I&E promotional brochure (brochure can have pop-ups, 3 Ds, graphics and relevant texts. Max size is A4)
2] Group presentation slides for your product range (business proposal slides must include theme+reasons, taglines, choice and selling point of products)
3] Mock-up and final sketches of products: you will be asked to modify your proposed products if found suitable.

S&W photo

Hi S105,

Please post up the photos tonight. I would like to see them before lesson tomorrow. Thanks.

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam

E-Learning task

Hi S105,

I believe all of you have done your E-Learning week homework. Please copy and paste into the correct Google spreadsheet (the link at the Google Site now), or else I can't see it. Thanks!

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam

Weekend Homework

Hi five,

Here's the Weekend Homework:

1) Coaches for next Wednesday's period (Samuel, Amrit, Wu Shen and Abigail), please print out your Handball Lesson Plans.
2) Journalists for next Wednesday's period (Dragon Knight), please come prepared and bring your pens with you.
3) For those who haven't, post your comments on the wallwisher about your ideas for The Elderly Challenge at for ADMT.
4) For those who haven't, fill up your History Journal by the end of next week.
5) For those who haven't, complete your English Comprehension and put it in Mr Nooh's pigeon hole a.s.a.p.
6) For those who haven't, update your ADMT blogs by Tuesday.


1) We have an ADMT Test on Isometric  and Orthographic projection on Tuesday. Please have Google Sketchup ready on you Macs.
2) We have a Math Test sometime in Week 9 or 10. Worst case scenario, Spring Test on Monday. Best case scenario, Late Test on Friday, Week 10 (I doubt it so prepare for sometime in Week 9).

Malay Homework:

1) Complete your Journal Entry and hand in on Monday before Assembly.
2) We have to do the Interview tomorrow. Mirza, if you cannot come, I will just try to do it myself. Don't push yourself to come if you are still sick. Mohit, if you can come, do and welcome.
3) Read your partner's e-Learning Karangan and fill in the boxes on the Google spreadsheet at by Monday.
4) If possible, also fill in the peta minda matrik, the last tab.

Have a good weekend,

Aisyah :D

S&W Journalists

Hi Everyone,

Dragon Knights will be journalists for next S&W lesson. Everyone please upload your photos taken as soon as possible

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis

S&W Coaches

HI Everyone,

Coaches for next lesson are:
Wu Shen

Coaches must come prepared with lesson plan or else....

Mr Dennis

Finalising your ideas for ADMT

For those of you who have forgotten, either on purpose or otherwise, please update me on this wall wisher here, your final design ideas for 'The Elderly Challenge'. There are only 7 of you who have updated so far.

Mr Irfan

Update on the points

Point System:

Based on yesterday' sHistory lesson: All groups except for Depressed Goldfish receive a minus 2 marks.

Present Standing
Spasm: 8 pts (Some members were "Talking" not "Speaking"/ "Hearing" and not "Listening")

Dark Angel: 8 pts (Some members were "Talking" not "Speaking"/ "Hearing" and not "Listening")

BOB: 8 pts (Some members were "Talking" not "Speaking"/ "Hearing" and not "Listening")

Depressed GoldFish: 10 pts

Our Groups

Point System:

All groups will start with 10 points.
The group will be penalised for: Late in handing in work, using Mac when it is not required, engage in private conversation during lesson.

Each penalty is Minus 2 pts.

The group with the most points will receive a "Surprise".

Spasm: 10 pts

Dark Angel: 10 pts

BOB: 10 pts

Depressed GoldFish: 10 pts

I&E Mind map

The following people have to get their I&E mind map grading form signed.
Aisyah, Kenneth, Samuel, Matthew, Pranavi.

Homework for 16 August

Hi five,

There is only Malay Homework for today:

1) For those who haven't hand in your Malay Journal with the 2 entries tomorrow.
2) We've got to do SOMETHING about the video tomorrow... Or Cikgu is gonna kill us...
3) Post your comments on the weekly Perbincangan about Teman Sejati on the Malay Blog.

Have a good night's rest,


Character Education

Submission of ADMT files

For those of you who have not submitted your ADMT files to me, please remember to submit them by Tuesday (17th August) to me during class. By the way there are still about 9 of you that have not submitted!

Mr Irfan

History Presentation

Dear 05

A not so gentle reminder: you have to present the Nazi Control Keynote tomorrow.
(Remember: You have 2 weeks to work on it)

Ms Lim

S&W E-Learning

Hi S1-05,

some of you still have not done your S&W E-learning that was due yesterday. Please complete it by today!

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam

S&W e-learning

Hi everyone,

Please go to the Google site to complete your S&W E-learning task.

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam


Dear 5

I hope all of you have completed or almost completing the task for the first day :D
Remember don't procrastinate!!!


Congratulations to 105 :)

Congratulations to all the 05 contestants for SST GOT TALENT!
Next year, maybe the whole class will be involved :D

Stay Alert for the Relay System :D Have a great week ahead. Check updates for elearning.

Ms Lim

E-Learning Week Homework

Hi five,

Here is the homework for the E-Learning Week ahead:

1) Finish up your English Story Document
2) Buddies, re-comment on your buddies' work
3) On Wednesday and Friday, check respective Google sites or blogs for 2 Assignments after 8 am
4) On Thursday, check respective Google sites or blogs for 3 assignments after 8 am and 12 noon
5) For those who haven't, research on Singapore's population for Geography Journal 9
6) For those who haven't, get YOG form(s) signed and hand up on Monday, Week 8
7) Sign Phnom Penh, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh Trip forms signed and hand in latest by Monday, Week 8

Malay Homework:

1) Cikgu is most probably going to put up next week's Perbincangan on the blog on Monday so post your comments
2) Do your 2 Journal Entries and hand it up on Monday, Week 8
3) Check the blog and the Google site for the assignments
4) I have e-mailed cikgu about the monthly Ulasan Buku and waiting for her reply.

Have a great week ahead!

105 Relay System

Class Relay

History Pair Work

Hi Five

Do the analysis of the selected poster (Nazi Germany).
Complete before next HIstory lesson.
Go to BBC Bitesize 

S&W Duty

Hi S105,

Please remember to come up with a duty roster for PE equipment storeroom and gym duty. Please look for me if not sure what to do.

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam

Homework for Tuesday

Hi five,

Here's today's homework:

1) Try to finish ICT Majulah Singapura Movie
2) Do the English Document on 'Lost'
3) For those who haven't, comment on your buddies' work
4) For those who haven't, finish the Setting Worksheet and hand it up tomorrow
5) Do your I&E brochure by the end of the Semester
6) Do the 3 Drawings on Google Sketchup (If you need me to e-mail the model answers to you, please post your names in the 'comments' section of this post)

Malay Homework:

1) We have to do the Interview soon, guys
2) Bring your Jenis Kata notes tomorrow
3) If you haven't, post your comments for the weekly Perbincangan

Good night...

Food from the Heart

Hi 5

Tomorrow, our service learning representatives will be packing the food.
Only some of you have indicated what you'll bring for tomorrow.
We need more input. Everyone, let's chip in ... I will do so as well :D
The elderly need our help!

Tmr is also the rehearsal. If you are free, let's stay behind to cheer Mirza, Mohit, Catherine, Matthew (Recover soon) and Abigail :D

Malay Homework

Malay Homework for today:

- Do the weekly perbincangan by the end of the week
- Hand in your Ulasan Buku by the end of the week
- Bring the notes on Jenis Kata for the next two lessons

Good Night!

Homework for Monday :D

English : 1) Narrative Writing ( Single Piece )
              2) Document ( Narrative Writing )

Mathematics : Linear Graphs
                      Email the movie

Science : Revise!!! Physics Test tomorrow!!!

Chinese : Corrections for 听写.
               Start doing your interview. Don't wait till last minute!

I & E : Sign the piece of paper. Give to Abigail

History : Index 1 ~ 10 Submit your Journals
             Index 11 ~ 22 Submit your mindmaps
             Do the Unit 5

Geography : Photos for the policies during the 70s/80s

S&W : Post photos on S&W blog ( For Journalists )

If there is anything wrong, don't blame me. This is all I can remember.
If there's anything else, please post it the comments section below. Thank you for your co-operation (:

Photos S&W

Hi S105,

I am dying to see the photos of you in action - can all the journalists thus far please upload the photos? Can someone please let me know where you posted the photos?


Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis