Homework for 25 August

Hi five,

Here is today's homework:

1) Download and read Journal 10 for Geography
2) Update your Physics Google Site by Next Monday
3) For those who haven't, finish your English illustration/mindmap/flowchart on the 'A Dream for Singapore' passage
4) For those who haven't, finish your ICT Majulah Singapura video and submit a.s.a.p
5) For those who haven't presented your Elderly Challenge, touch up on your slides
6) Dragon Knight, upload your photos/videos on the class blog at <http://sst2010-s105.blogspot.com>
7) Do the 'Trouble at Sea' summary (downloaded from the Google Site) and hand up this Friday

1) Study for Math Test, most likely this Friday
2) For those taking Mother Tongue, do whatever you need to do for your Performance Tasks
3) We have to reach a consensus on the Teacher's Day Performance

Here is the Malay Homework:

1) Do your follow-up Karangan and hand in tomorrow
2) Mohit, send me the videos a.s.a.p; Mirza, I will send you the completed video a.s.a.p and you have to look it over, since you are our leader
3) If you haven't, post your comments on the Malay Wallwisher (Mohit, you haven't answered the 2nd question)

That's all folks! Good night!



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