Homework for Tuesday

Hi five,

Here's today's homework:

1) Try to finish ICT Majulah Singapura Movie
2) Do the English Document on 'Lost'
3) For those who haven't, comment on your buddies' work
4) For those who haven't, finish the Setting Worksheet and hand it up tomorrow
5) Do your I&E brochure by the end of the Semester
6) Do the 3 Drawings on Google Sketchup (If you need me to e-mail the model answers to you, please post your names in the 'comments' section of this post)

Malay Homework:

1) We have to do the Interview soon, guys
2) Bring your Jenis Kata notes tomorrow
3) If you haven't, post your comments for the weekly Perbincangan

Good night...


Aisyah said...

If anyone wants me to send him/her the model answers for the ADMT Sketchup worksheet, please post your name here so I can Bluetooth/ E-mail it to you...

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