Our Groups

Point System:

All groups will start with 10 points.
The group will be penalised for: Late in handing in work, using Mac when it is not required, engage in private conversation during lesson.

Each penalty is Minus 2 pts.

The group with the most points will receive a "Surprise".

Spasm: 10 pts

Dark Angel: 10 pts

BOB: 10 pts

Depressed GoldFish: 10 pts


Kenneth Teh said...

Huh.... Must have point system ar ==

Aisyah said...

Yes, Kenneth... I think it's a great idea, Ms Lim... Is this point system lasting for the whole semester, or are we starting a new one in term 4?


Kenneth is in Dark Angel right?...
and you forgot to say B.O.B. likes chicken rice & GRILLED PRAWNS & Melted Cheese Prasta!!!

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