Homework for 29 September

Hi five,

Here is the homework for today:

1) For those who haven't, finish up the Geography Journal 11
2) For those who haven't, touch up on your I&E slides.
3) For those who haven't, finish/start on your ADMT stuff

Here is the Malay homework:

1) Do the mindmap for the karangan
2) Type out the karangan if you want to 


1) For those who haven't, send Samuel your Blogger E-mail so he can invite you to the Extra Info Blog
2) Study for exams
3) No more CCA after this week

Good night,

Reminder: Examination Schedule

Homework for 28 September

Hi five,

Here is today's homework:

1) Add in the 5 pictures for the Lesson 5 Geography Journal
2) Of course, finish up your ADMT Prototype, Journal and Multimedia Presentation
3) For those who haven't, finish your History cum English Podcast by this week
4) For those who haven't, touch up on your I&E Presentation
5) Do the new worksheet and quiz set by Mr Johari on Ace-Learning.

Here is the malay homework:

1) Mohit, add in your kosa kata for your pengalaman melancong box on the spreadsheet (descriptive, not narrative)
2) Bring your rubrics worksheet and your text book tomorrow
3) Post your comments on the weekly perbincangan wallwisher


1) Study for exams! 3 weeks left to go!
2) Last week of CCA
3) Get energy for the new (I think) S&W schedule tomorrow

Good night, 

Homework for 27 September

Hi five,

Here is today's homework:

1) Complete your ADMT Journal, Multimedia Presentation and Prototype by next week
2) For those who haven't, complete your History cum English podcast by this week
3) For those who haven't, touch up on your I&E Presentation

Here is the malay homework:

For those who haven't, complete your journal and hand in tomorrow


1) Practice for exams in week 6! Only 3 more weeks to go!
2) This is the last week of CCA...

That's all folks!

CE Lesson: Stress Management

What is stress to you?

Click here for thought storm.

Weekend Homework

Hi five,

Sorry for the delay, here is the weekend homework:

1) Do the iPhone App Programing (Train -> Bus -> Taxi -> Walk)
2) Answer the two questions sent by Catherine about S&W and reply to her. So far, less than half the class has replied

Malay Homework:

1) For those who haven't, answer the weekly perbincangan question.
2) Do the kefahaman questions for the text about pertolongan.
3) Do the pertolongan Journal Question and hand up to me on Monday.

That's all folks...

Reminders for 15 September

Hi five,

Here is the reminders for today (there is no homework):

1) Study for Geography Test
2) Mohit ad Mirza, do the two questions on the story about 'masalah kewangan'.
3) Study for History Test
4) Refer to previous post for instructions on I&E lesson
5) Those who haven't, get a start on your English cum History podcasts

Good Night...

Ps. Mohit and Mirza, Yay! The CD is on Cikgu's desk so we won't get 0 marks...

I&E Performance Task: Group Presentation & Products[16/9/2010]

For this Thursday's I&E lesson:

1] Bring all your products to share with your members;
2] Re-design/ re-work on your products immediately if they are not appropriate or up to standard;
3] Work on your business pitch and presentation format (keynote + skit/ sales pitch);total time allocation is 15 min/group
4] Finalise presentation content and roles;
5] Rehearsal

Homework for 13 September

Hi five,

Here's today's homework:

1) Finish the History Formative Assesments (downloaded from the History Google Sites) and submit by Thursday, 16 September
2) For those who forgot, drop your IPW Reflections into the sumbit folder a.s.a.p
3) Get into your groups and make a start on your History cum English podcasts
4) Make a start on your ADMT Product prototypes to be finished by Week 4

Here's the Malay homework:

1) Mohit, the interview file is too big, so I can't send it to you... I'll show it to you in class tomorrow... I don't know what the arrangement is for the performance on Thursday, but I am sure you are involved, so just be prepared...
2) Mirza, once the summarizing is done, I need you to look it over since you are the leader...
3) Both of you, try to memorize the song 'Seloka Hari Raya'. Here's the link... <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtw7SGsCFp8> (The beat on the day itself would be slightly different, but the lyrics are the same...)

Good night...

CE Lessons

Can you list down some do’s and don’ts when chatting with cyberpal

Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri :)

Timetable for Term 4

Enquires about EL/Hist podcast

Dear all

Many of you have been asking about the podcast.
It will be similar to IPW interview.

***If you can't find a person who has lived through war, you need to do your research on the economic and social effects of war (State your resources in Reference) and interview a mature person (40s and above)  based on their knowledge of war heard from their parents. Ask the person about his/her understanding of war and whether his/her information corroborated with the information you have researched on. If the person doesn't know much about the war, you have to select another candidate.

Plan your podcast by referring to the rubrics.

"They will take on the role of a reporter interviewing a person who has lived through the war, drawing on principles/generalizations made during class work when examining the case study of WWII.  "

Hist and Eng Podcast

Please note that the groupings will be based on the Geography Field Trip and Humanities E_learning Groupings.

The work is due: Term 4 , week 2 (20th September)

Geography Test Term 4 week 1

Revise chapters 8. 9 , 10

Add On

Chinese : Compo Worksheet
Mathematics : Redo the linear equations~ Download from Googlesite --> Mathematics --> 105

Homework For The Weekend~

Mathematics : Revision Exercise
English & History : 2010 Secondary 1 Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW)
Study For Physics~
Study For Practical Test on Biology~
Study For History~
Study For Geography?~

That Should Be IT!

Miss me while I'm in Beijing~!


S&W Homework

Hi S105,

Enjoyed talking to some of you earlier. However, I am disappointed to learn that you have forgot to do the S&W homework. You are supposed to come up with a brochure using the information that you have found during e-learning week. Each group to produce one flyer on the topic assigned to the group.

Please do it today before you leave school and email to me at dennis_lam@sst.edu.sg. Use your group name as the filename. Thereafter, enjoy your holiday!

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam

I&E Individual brochure due tomorrow, Thurs, 2 Sept 2010

Hi 105

A reminder on the brochure submission deadline: everyone will need to submit the hardcopy brochure by lunchtime tomorrow. Only those absent from school with a valid Medical Cert will be given grace period.
The rest will have to stay back after school to complete the brochures if required.

Ms Choo