Character Education: Social Development

Essential questions for reflection

    • Where are you in terms of the level of social development?
    • Do you do the right things or do you do things right?
    • How can you improve and help others to improve as well?


momo97 said...

In terms of social development,I think I am in the stage of B-C.

I sometimes do the right things and sometimes do things right.

I'm not really sure.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm in level A. =)
Neither, I do whatever I feel like doing.
I will try to think of others when I'm about to do something and/or help others out when they needs it.

Catherine Lim =)

AbigailAgustines安琪★ said...

Abigail Agustines

Hmm. Actually, i dont really know so yeah.. Level B i suppose?

Well, both i suppose. I mean it kinda depends on the current situation.

I dont really know myself..

Daniel Chan said...

Daniel Chan(07)

-I don't know,but I guess somewhere at a level B?
-Depends on the situation.
- I try to help others improve,so long as they never have done anything offensive towards me before.

Anonymous said...

maybe at the BC part...BC-bo chup?

It may vary as the future is untold...many changes....the new and old...fom good to bad or bad to good...

Make them smile XDXDXD....


Samuel Ong said...

I am between B-C because i want to be at C but sometimes i still have some of the B's.
I sometimes to the right things and i definitely do things right. Or maybe 50-50? :D
Change whole heartedly and prove to them you've change and they'll notice the difference and want to be like you to.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! I am at Level C!!!! I think.

Hee Hee... Haa hAA Haa!! I do the right thing unless... o.o Well, You'll never know when the wrong thing could just be the right thing, so yeah, Mostly the right thing :P

Erm, Well.. I don't know what I could improve on... For others, they could improve by Improving themselves in terms of... Just don't test other's limits, you'll be fine.

Kun Yao....... :)

Aisyah said...

I am at level B-C I think. I have some of the B's and some of the C's so I guess I am in the middle...

I do both, the right things and the things right. Also depends on what I am faced with...

I could probably help others respect others a bit more, and I guess I could be a little more respectful myself...

zhi-yong's said...

I feel that I am between B and C, but I am really not sure what people think of me, as I cannot judge myself.

I try to do the right things, but of course have done things right.

I can try to help others more and make more friends

Anonymous said...

I feel like i'm in the C stage but I do not think that whatever I say is always correct like I might be in B at times but I would aim for achieving D.

I do the right things but the problem is that you have to do wrong things at times and sometimes you cannot do the right things even if you are given a second chance.

I think I can improve myself by becoming more organized so that I know what I am doing better. For others pleaseeeeeeeee think of why another person is saying something because there might be a good reason for it.


Elijah Wong said...

I think I am in Stage B and C in terms of the level of social development. As I am not always correct in doing things. But my target will be D of course.

I will have to do the right things but sometime also I do things right. So I guess that it depends on the situation I am facing.

I think I can improved by knowing what there are to be improved. Eg. Time Management.

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