Homework for 11 October

Hi five,

Here is today's homework:

For those who haven't, finish your ADMT Stuff by tomorrow

Nothing else I guess

Good night,


Th3 Fu55ion 5o1id said...

Hey guys! =)

There's S&W tomorrow, do remember to where your P.E. Attire!

Homework for today...

insert images before you're asked to copy every thing 5 times again.

(those in ms tan's class)
write a paragraph to describe someone in class.

Work on your MMP to be due on
Thursday, 14th October on your blog and in the submit folder.

Work on Physics worksheet 1 and 2 and mark and do corrections for Chem worksheets.

Guess that's about it. =)
Study hard for the exams and hope we all strive well together! =D

Catherine Lim =) (that's me!)

(idk the email to post so Im posting as comments)

Elijah Wong said...

Thank You:)

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