Homework for 4 October

Hi five,

Here is today's homework:

1) Do the second question on the History worksheet
2) For those who haven't, submit you PEEL corrections to the submit folder
3) For those who haven't, submit you podcasts to the English AND History submit folders
4) For the six of you who haven't, give Ms Choo your report paper signed by tomorrow
5) For those who haven't, finish up your ADMT Journals and Prototypes by this Thursday
6) For those who haven't, submit your I&E Camp presentation slides to the submit folder

Here is the Malay 'Homework':

1) Hand in your Karangan to Cikgu tomorrow
2) Do the weekly Perbincangan already posted on the Blog
3) Do the September Ulasan buku and email to Cikgu by 7 October


1) Stay back for 45 minutes this Wednesday for Chemistry
2) Revise for exams!!!

That's all folks,


Alpha said...

Errm I cant stay back for chem cos I have to attend my sister's graduation at SIM University. Is it compulsery to go?

Aisyah said...

@Alpha, I am not sure... Maybe Vivek knows? I'm just following instructions... Vivek, if you're there, do you know if it's compulsory?

Anonymous said...

Ask Mr Glen Wong. As per what I know I think it is compulsory.

Aisyah said...

Thanks Vivek... Well, Alpha... Either you ask Mr Glenn Wong or you take Vivek's word... I'll take Vivek's word...

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