Weekend Homework

Hi five,

Here is the weekend homework:

1) For those in Mr Johari's class who haven't, finish up your Math Worksheet 7
2) For the groups who haven't, create at least half your product range
3) Finish your ADMT Prototype, Journal and Multimedia Presentation
4) Design the calculator for ICT (Do not type in any codes)

Here is the Malay Homework:

1) Do the Karangan (write, not type) and hand in to me before school starts on Monday
2) Do the weekly perbincangan if you haven't


1) Good luck to Vivek and Pranavi who are having Hindi SA2 on Saturday
2) Revise for exams in week 6
3) For those who haven't, get your I&E forms signed and hand in to Elijah on Monday
4) No more CCA next week

Good night,


Anonymous said...

Please sign the form for the parents teacher meeting thing

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