Weekend Homework

Hi five,

Here is the homework for the weekend:

1) Do the VIVA VOCE 2010 assessment by 10th October. Check the Math Blog for details
2) For those who haven't, post your comments for the 8 questions. So far, only Aisyah, Alpha, Kun Yao, Wu Shen, Vivek, Abigail, Amrit, Elijah, Catherine, Kenneth and ZhiXiang have commented
3) You can practice the Science Worksheet Mrs Iong gave us as she also gave us the answer sheet
4) Of course, do your ADMT stuff

Here is the Malay Homework:

For those who haven't, do the surat kiriman


1) Bring your Science worksheet next lesson
2) Stay back next Wednesday, latest 2 pm for extra Chemistry lessons
3) Study for exams

That's all folks,


Catherine Lim said...

You missed out the concept map for Biology on the set of A4 size paper Mrs Iong gave us. =)

samuel Ong said...

and what 8 questions?

Aisyah said...

@Catherine, sorry...
@Samuel, the one about the Levels A-D we learnt in ADV...

Th3 Fu55ion 5o1id said...

=) No probs.

Anonymous said...

there are only 3

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