Homework for 27/7/10

Maths: Problem solving questions.

Chinese: Find the meaning of the 9 成语s on page 35 of the Chinese textbook.

S&W: Coaches for tomorrow must print out and fill in the schedule for handball tomorrow.

IPW: Interviewer’s field notes (purple)


Interviewer’s questions (orange)

Evaluating interview (green)

All of the above mentioned IPW Stuff is to be printed and submitted by Thursday.

Schedule for Team Handball


to: Everyone in S1-05


Court 1

Court 2


28 July

Chicken Rice Ball vs Gummybear

Hawkster vs FlufflYYY

Dragon Knight

2 August

Chicken Rice Ball vs FlufflYYY

Hawkster vs Dragon Knight


5 August

Chicken Rice Ball vs Hawkster

Dragon Knight vs Gummybear


16 August

Chicken Rice Ball vs Dragon Knight

FlufflYYY vs Gummybear


19 August

Gummybear vs Hawkster

FlufflYYY vs Dragon Knight

Chicken Rice Ball

Please follow this schedule but do understand that there may be changes. Kindly come prepared for your respective roles.

Sincerely yours,

Mr Dennis Lam

Team Handball!!!

Hi S1-05,

Journalists for tomorrow is Dragon Knights (Kenneth, Kun Yao, Kieren and Matthew), right? Please remember to bring your cameras and pens.

Coaches for the coming lesson are Vivek, Adam, Kenneth, Aisyah and Amrit. Please prepare your lesson plan (the form can be found on the S&W>Team Handball Resources Google Site) and read the comments on what to consider in a Games Analysis. Bring the lesson plan to submit to me tomorrow during lesson. If not clear/not sure/don't know how, please come see me ASAP!!!

I look forward to seeing your good practices tomorrow!

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis