Malay Homework

Malay Homework for today:

- Do the weekly perbincangan by the end of the week
- Hand in your Ulasan Buku by the end of the week
- Bring the notes on Jenis Kata for the next two lessons

Good Night!

Homework for Monday :D

English : 1) Narrative Writing ( Single Piece )
              2) Document ( Narrative Writing )

Mathematics : Linear Graphs
                      Email the movie

Science : Revise!!! Physics Test tomorrow!!!

Chinese : Corrections for 听写.
               Start doing your interview. Don't wait till last minute!

I & E : Sign the piece of paper. Give to Abigail

History : Index 1 ~ 10 Submit your Journals
             Index 11 ~ 22 Submit your mindmaps
             Do the Unit 5

Geography : Photos for the policies during the 70s/80s

S&W : Post photos on S&W blog ( For Journalists )

If there is anything wrong, don't blame me. This is all I can remember.
If there's anything else, please post it the comments section below. Thank you for your co-operation (:

Photos S&W

Hi S105,

I am dying to see the photos of you in action - can all the journalists thus far please upload the photos? Can someone please let me know where you posted the photos?


Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis