Weekend Homework

Hi five,

Here's the Weekend Homework:

1) Coaches for next Wednesday's period (Samuel, Amrit, Wu Shen and Abigail), please print out your Handball Lesson Plans.
2) Journalists for next Wednesday's period (Dragon Knight), please come prepared and bring your pens with you.
3) For those who haven't, post your comments on the wallwisher about your ideas for The Elderly Challenge at http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/105-final-ideas for ADMT.
4) For those who haven't, fill up your History Journal by the end of next week.
5) For those who haven't, complete your English Comprehension and put it in Mr Nooh's pigeon hole a.s.a.p.
6) For those who haven't, update your ADMT blogs by Tuesday.


1) We have an ADMT Test on Isometric  and Orthographic projection on Tuesday. Please have Google Sketchup ready on you Macs.
2) We have a Math Test sometime in Week 9 or 10. Worst case scenario, Spring Test on Monday. Best case scenario, Late Test on Friday, Week 10 (I doubt it so prepare for sometime in Week 9).

Malay Homework:

1) Complete your Journal Entry and hand in on Monday before Assembly.
2) We have to do the Interview tomorrow. Mirza, if you cannot come, I will just try to do it myself. Don't push yourself to come if you are still sick. Mohit, if you can come, do and welcome.
3) Read your partner's e-Learning Karangan and fill in the boxes on the Google spreadsheet at https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=tn05EgHybnu040iAm1gYzmQ&authkey=CPWnlvoG&hl=en#gid=0 by Monday.
4) If possible, also fill in the peta minda matrik, the last tab.

Have a good weekend,

Aisyah :D

S&W Journalists

Hi Everyone,

Dragon Knights will be journalists for next S&W lesson. Everyone please upload your photos taken as soon as possible

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis

S&W Coaches

HI Everyone,

Coaches for next lesson are:
Wu Shen

Coaches must come prepared with lesson plan or else....

Mr Dennis