Important Annoucements

Miss Amy Choo would like all I&E groups to hand up your I&E slides to her.
According to her, she has only received Kun Yao's group slides.

Mr Glenn Wong wishes to have make-up lessons next week Wednesday from 1 - 2 pm.

Cheers :D !

Study Hard ! 

Homework for 7 October

Hi five,

Here is the homework for today:

1) Gummybears and Dragin Knight, prepare for your S&W Presentation
2) For those who haven't, finish the Science Worksheet
3) For those who haven't, finish your ADMT stuff

Here is the Malay Homework for today:

1) Finish the Malay Karangan and hand in by 2100 hours today
2) If you want, do the mindmap
3) If you haven't, put in the comment for the Weekly Perbincangan


1) For the next S&W period (next Wednesday), wear your PT Attire
2) Study for exams

Good night,

Development- ICT

Character Education: Social Development

Essential questions for reflection

    • Where are you in terms of the level of social development?
    • Do you do the right things or do you do things right?
    • How can you improve and help others to improve as well?